( DONE, Test Fired ) CETME-L 5.56x45

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Re: ( DONE, Test Fired ) CETME-L 5.56x45

Post by NorincoKid » Wed Apr 17, 2019 8:50 am

So the magazine well on these is setup for STANAG mags. Metal/USGI style mags seem to work fine, but the magazine well is a bit longer, and not angled like an AR15. So poly mags wont fit. Also, polymer mags seem much much tighter fitting on the CETME-L. The one I fitted to it required some sanding to make it fit smoothly, and the first "rib" to be taken down flush. But it fits.


^ Modified VS Regular Thermold AR15 magazine


After getting it in I now see I probably didnt have to remove the whole rib, but whatever.

Out of curiosity I wanted to see how far off on of those KCI drums was. It was tight as well, a little sanding on the tower, and removing some of the front angles "nub" part allowed it to clear the Cetme-L magazine well.


^ Modified tower


Drum locked into place.

Both modified magazines still fit/feed in a standard AR15 as well.

^ Big thanks to Rent for letting me head to the range with him and test fire her.


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