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FYI, the Dims want to fudge with FL's CWPs

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FYI, the Dims want to fudge with FL's CWPs

Post by playswithstyrene » Mon Oct 01, 2018 4:49 pm

From the Gunfreezone blog: Floridians: Democrats are coming for your CWP. Fight for it or lose it.
The Holy Trinity of Florida Gun Control has been summoned: The elimination of Stand Your Ground, The banning of “Assault Weapons” and now threatening Concealed Weapons Permits.

The Florida CWP system is efficient and self-sustaining. It does not depend of the general budget because the fees the department collects are more than enough to run it and upgraded as needed. Obviously the NRA is not running things, but Democrats hate efficiency and a surplus so Ms. Fried must screw with it.

And the fact that we are the most law-abiding sector of the population of Florida and that has to piss the hell out of Democrats.

Her original platform as found in her website is marijuana.

Nikki is running for Florida Agriculture Commissioner because she saw firsthand how our politicians failed the people with medical marijuana. Despite 72% of Floridians voting to approve a medical marijuana law, the Florida Legislature and Gov. Rick Scott have obstructed its implementation and denied access to sick, injured and dying individuals in our state.

Her sudden discovery of the NRA and Concealed Weapons Permit maybe tell us that potheads are not enthusiastic about her much and that more than likely, Bloomberg already has deposited a sizeable chuck of cash in her coffers.

One of my few votes this November is going to be for Matt Caldwell for Commissioner of Agriculture.

Yard sign and sticker already ordered.

You remember the old political saying: Where California goes, the country goes?

When it comes to guns, it is where Florida goes, so does the country. We began the revolution with the Concealed Weapons Permits and they spread over the land like Freedom’s wildfire. By the same token, we are the unicorn for Gun Control, if the kill us, other states will follow suit.

You have been warned, they are coming after you. Be ready, be active and vote.

And stock up.
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Post by tector » Mon Oct 01, 2018 6:19 pm

If they ever get the legislature, they will go after pre-emption big time. In fact, this fight over the FL Supreme Court also might affect pre-emption.

Lose pre-emption and it becomes a death by 1000 cuts.

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