Small block Chevy V-8's

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Small block Chevy V-8's

Post by Gregg » Thu Sep 13, 2018 10:35 am

I've been totally out of working on cars for 10 years now (age, not lack of interest).
I was really into Chevelle's from the early 1970's through the mid 2000's, owned seven of them back in 1994 of which I restored five of them.
Bought my first, a 1970 SS 454 LS6, in 1972.

I have a complete, and I mean totally complete, 1994 LT-1 350 setup; we were going to put the LT-1 drive train into a 1972 Chevelle, but never got around to doing so.
About 110 k miles on it, came out of a 94 Caprice Cop A1c station wagon, it was running fine when pulled from the Caprice.
Have transmission, computer, harnesses, radiator, A/C stuff, fans, oil cooler, transmission cooler, power steering cooler, metal lines and lots of other stuff to go with it.
Even have the 1994 Caprice service manuals.

Also have two 307's out of 1972 Chevelle's, and a 305 out of a 1994 Camarro.
The stuff is just cluttering up my garage, and all of the stuff needs a new home.
Also have an Engine Lift and a Engine Work Stand, that I'll throw in to a package deal.

Asking $1500 for everything, including all of the above and a bunch of various Chevelle parts and stuff.

I'm in Brevard County, on Merritt Island.
I have no mean of delivering the stuff, but I'll help you load up your truck(s).


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Post by Skoll » Thu Sep 13, 2018 10:41 am

Don't mean to be THAT guy, but this is the sub forum you want, my man :


Good luck on your sale.
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