Why idiots fear teflon coated ammo

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Re: Why idiots fear teflon coated ammo

Post by N4KVE » Fri Mar 15, 2019 9:35 pm

DuPont, who invented Teflon still swears it’s only for non stick frying pans. GARY.

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Post by Jeepsnguns » Fri Mar 15, 2019 10:13 pm

SteyrAUG wrote:
Fri Mar 15, 2019 2:34 am
Skoll wrote:
Thu Mar 14, 2019 6:40 pm
Before the 5.7 and Glock scares, we had teflon coated ammo. Nice.
The funniest thing was complete morons spraying their ammunition with Pam non stick cooking spray and believing they were achieving something comparable to "teflon coated bullets."
Oh man, so now your telling me I gotta go wipe that shit off all my boolits!!!

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Post by cvasqu03 » Sat Mar 16, 2019 1:34 am

Good write-up but you forgot to mention that in between removing the ammo from sale and putting it back out as SXT, they briefly re-named it "Fail-Safe" and sold unloaded bullets for reloaders. I still have one pack of 30 cal Fail Safe bullets that I'm planning to load up some day.

I've had a pretty good laugh about the whole Teflon coated bullet idiocy, but if some state wants to ban Teflon coated bullets, I say let them. If gun grabbers want to expend all their political capital on banning something that doesn't exist, well, it just leaves them less ability to harass law abiding gun owners. No modern ammo has Teflon coating anyway, and the only idiot that would try to actually coat bullets in Teflon is some idiot that actually believed the media hype.

I've personally made it a point to try to point out this stupidity. If you go on the IMDB page for the movie Ronin, under the goofs section under factual errors, I added a short paragraph explaining why DeNiro's line about how the bullet having been "sprayed" with Teflon allowed it to penetrate his vest is wrong. I put that in years ago along with a few others I can't recall now, but it's like playing whack-a-mole as Hollywood doesn't seem interested in correcting themselves.

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