The art of collecting C&R firearms including: Mausers, Mosins, Enfields and others. Got questons on C&R Licenses? Ask here.
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Post by tomcat030 » Fri Dec 28, 2012 4:34 pm

Has anyone done a personal import through a C&R? I have some questions about the process.

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Re: Imports

Post by jjk308 » Tue Jan 01, 2013 12:12 pm

Not real easy for C&Rs, a couple extra hoops to jump through with milsurps.

Do NOT attempt to import a US supplied milsurp like a Garand or M1 carbine. The laws these were sold under give the feds the right to refuse to import them.

Antiques, made before Jan 1, 1899, are no problem at all if you can prove their manufacturing date through historical documents or the date on the firearm. Make copies for customs to go with the firearm and follow the rules for importing any other antique. ... 8895c9156c They charge $200 for the first 2 guns, less thereafter

From ... p?t=423560

Sans-Nom Inc. GI#: 100162952
We specialize in import & export of collectable firearms. Imports: 1-10 guns: $100 first firearm; $25 each additional. Exports: 1-10 guns: $200 flat fee plus 5% of the vlaue. ...Click for more info
Seller: David Gadbois Area Code: 253 POR

Griffin & Howe Import Export GI#: 100096108
Griffin & Howe can assist you in the importing, or exporting, of sporting shotguns and rifles that you own, or are purchasing. We apply for any necessary permit(s) through the federal government, ...Click for more info
Seller: Griffin & Howe Area Code: 908 See Above

Import Export Services GI#: 100038378
Eurosports LLC is a Texas based company specializing in the import and export of most types of firearms and to and from most places. We have particular expertise in shipping to Australia and Europe an ...Click for more info
Seller: Eurosports LLC Area Code: 512 POR

Leroys big valley gun works GI#: 100007384
Exporter and importer of firearms please contact david gadbois for importing 253-278-6354 and exporting of all firearms except shotguns and scopes import 100 first 25 ...Click for more info

More info on the procedure. This is for a gun from Canada, a Swiss rifle would be similar.

1. Find a seller and agree on the price and decide, who pays shipping and other fees. If you pay everything, your final cost will be 50%-100% higher than the selling price, depending mostly on quantity. (If you just import one gun, your final cost will be around twice the selling price) Firearms must be in Canada 5 years before they can be imported. (BATF rule)

2. Find the right importer (it took us 6 months to find one), we can recommend: Leroys Big Valley Gun Works
200 1st Avenue North
Glasgow, Montana USA 59230
Telephone: 406-228-4867
Contact Denise Tiffany

3. Send the following info with the copy your FFL/C&R, and the importer's fee to the importer: Make, model, caliber, length of barrel, serial number, price in US$

4. Importer will complete a BATF Form 6A, and send it to BATF for approval.

5. Wait 2-3 months (normally)

6. Importer will call you and the seller when approval is received. Pay seller (if you did not pay him yet - it's a good idea to withold the payment or just pay a deposit first, until BATF approval - just in case you are refused). I purchased a Certified Check at a bank during my business trip in Canada. You will have to pay an additional $25 to $75 (or so) if you buy a Cert. check or Money order in the U.S. in Canadian funds. I believe the importer has to send some paperwork to the seller to include in the box with the firearms - but I am not sure.

7. Wait again. Shipping firearms inside Canada is more restricted and expensive. The seller can shop around for the best price. My seller found a trucking company to ship to the border. It was about 25% cheaper than UPS.

8. The customs people will inspect and play with the firearms. Minor damages can be expected. I got one bolt jammed, loose pieces (bolts, handguards, and a dustcover were mixed and packed with the wrong rifles, but nothing significant. ;-)

9. The importer will pickup the firearms from customs.

10. The importer (Leroy's) stamps a very tiny import mark on the receiver in the slot under the bolt in the tang. The lettering height is less than 1/32 of an inch - almost totally invisible. I wish other importers would do it the same way.

11. Pay the importer the customs fees and the shipping to you. Wait some more.

12. The importer will ship to you (or to your FFL)

The cost of my purchase and importation:

(These costs were for 8 rifles, importing a smaller number of rifles will result in a higher per rifle costs. Customs fees vary, based in the value of the firearm, and the country of origin.)

I purchased the following 8 'Curio and Relic' rifles:

Swedish Ljungman AG42B
Canadian Ross M1910 Mk3
Japanese Mukden Arisaka M38
Thailand Arisaka M38
Siamese Mauser M1902
Swedish Oberndorf Mauser M96/38
Chinese Mauser M98k
French Berthier 1907/15 Turk Orman conv.
for a Total of US$532 ($800 canadian)

Cost of shipping from British Columbia to the border near Glasgow, Montana by a Canadian trucking company (found by the seller) was about US$120

Customs fees and transportation from the border to the importer in Glasgow was about US$90

Importer's fee to Leroys Big Valley Gun Works $80 ($10 per rifle, $50 minimum)

Shipping from Montana to Ohio was about $50 using RPS

The total cost of the 8 rifles was about US$870.

I hope, this helps. It is not as difficult as it looks. Good luck.

The following comments were submitted by Ken Buch:

- No 5 yr letter required except for surplus military.
- Handguns have some additional requirements.
- There is a excise fee due to ATF, 11% on rifles/shotguns and 10% on handguns based on your final cost including shipping.
- The wait now with ATF is closer to 6 months but I have had it go over 1 year.
- If US Customs requires a "formal" entry add about $200 to the cost.
- My experience has been there are a million ways for this to cost more than you expect, if you are importing "cheap" guns (costing less than a couple hundred a piece) I always try and go for a 20-30 gun min. shipment. That way if/when something gets more expensive than planned you have more to prorate the cost over.
- Non-military C&R guns can be imported directly by the C&R holder.
- The Form 6 is available on-line at the ATF website.
- I use a customs broker and do formal entries, could I save some on small shipments trying to do a informal entry? Maybe but you might have 2-3 trips to the airport and waste hours of your time trying to do a informal entry on your own. Every port of entry does and treats things a little differently.
- Antiques - plan on being able to "prove" to Customs they are pre 1899 or be prepared to loose them.
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Re: Imports

Post by tomcat030 » Tue Jan 01, 2013 8:30 pm

One is a mauser but the other 3 all are sporting guns from the late 1800s to early 1900s. They are also being gifted. Thanks for the info!

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Re: Imports

Post by PzGren » Tue Jan 08, 2013 12:05 pm

You have to fill out ATF form 6 and get an import license for the C&R eligible rifles, military weapons cannot be imported by other than a dedicated importer's license. If you have the import license on form 6 back, it took about 6 weeks for us to get the import license you have to obtain an export license from the country where the guns are. Next hurdle is to find transportation and do customs clearance.You will need invoices translated into English, or a statement that these firearms were gifted to you, a statement that the guns are unloaded for the airfreight company to accept it and a few other docsuments.

I would recommend a customs broker that does the clearance in the U.S.

A C&R, as well as a regular FFL, can do the occasional import.


By the way jjk,

the importer is sending form 6 to the ATF for approval not 6A, Form 6 is the import permit. Form 6A is the customs release form which is filled out by the importer and given to customs.

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