Mosin Nagant Rifle Giveaway -

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Mosin Nagant Rifle Giveaway -

Post by NorincoKid » Mon Sep 12, 2016 12:03 am

So there is a giveaway at

Four prizes include;

FIRST PRIZE - (1)Beautiful laminate(the nicest laminate I've ever put my hands on) 1943 Izhevsk EX SNIPER 91/30. Better get enemy of the gates out and watch it if you end up with this all matching beauty!

SECOND PRIZE - (1)Kukri Knife from Madras Arsenal. These blades are fantastic, I own one myself. Madras Arsenal was nice enough to donate to the cause.

THIRD PRIZE - (3 winners)One piece of 1oz silver that as of 10 years ago was at the bottom of the Atlantic after a German Uboat sank the British ship carrying it.

FOURTH PRIZE - (4 winners)Mosin Nagant Accuracy kit courtesy of Milsurp Accuracy INC. If you want to make your Mosin or Mauser more accurate, Brian has the accuracy kits you need.

All you have to do to enter is visit this page;

Its not a scam or anything weird, just the page the hosts/handles the entries as I dont think their site is set up for that.

And theres a few things on the list you can click etc IE visit their facebook page via the link, Some things you can repeat every day til its over.

Takes 10 seconds, doesnt cost anything, never hurts to try who knows maybe you get lucky.

:ber [-o< _:

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