Open Carry?

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Re: Open Carry?

Post by DoralJoe » Mon Sep 07, 2009 1:11 pm

my home state of Virginia has an open carry law... the only problem, specially in the northern part of the state, is that when u go to just about any place of business, the owner usually will ask u to leave the gun out... then every body and their mother, knows that u went to the car to drop off your gun...

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Re: Open Carry?

Post by Mr. Smith » Mon Sep 07, 2009 6:48 pm

Open carry is legal here in Florida, as long as you’re camping, hunting, or meeting at a gun club OR GOING TO OR FROM ANY OF THOSE EVENTS.

This doesn’t mean that you can open carry into a restaurant on your way to go hunting, because you’re not on your way to go hunting, you’re going to a restaurant.

But it would be perfectly legal for a citizen to carry an AR15 and a side arm openly, and even board a public bus with those arms if he/she was going directly to a gun club meeting, shooting range, hunting, or camping or fishing.

I saw a picture that someone had posted of some individual on a motorcycle riding down the highway with a rifle over their shoulder. If that rider was headed to a gun club meeting, shooting range, hunting, or camping or fishing it is perfectly legal.

Get this, if you were part of a gun club or organization and they were holding some special shoot at a range, and asked members to bring their motorcycles to the shoot – there is no law that would prohibit them from all riding to the range together on the public highway all open carrying.

If someone thinks differently, enlighten me - post the law.

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