US Customs & Border Protection - identity theft or fraud

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US Customs & Border Protection - identity theft or fraud

Post by flcracker » Tue Aug 14, 2007 10:33 am

We received a letter at the house the other day from the US Customs & Border Protection. I opened it before I realized that it was addressed to a stranger, but at our address.

Bernard (Shuan David) Brock
our address
our town, FL our zip

FP&F case number: 2007 2504 300099
ID#: 093 66 4933

(note the spelling of Shuan - might be Shaun, or might be from the Emerald Isle, or a Robert Louis Stevenson character )

The letter is a "Notice of Penalty and Demand for Payment" - it states:
On January 19, 2007 you entered the US at the Port of San Ysidro, CA and failed to report your arrival and/or present the vehicle and all persons and merchandise (including baggage) on board for inspection.

Your actions subjected you to a civil penalty in the amount of $5,000, pursuant to Title 19, USC, .....

I called the USC&BP paralegal at the Port of San Ysidro at the number provided on the letter and explained that:

- my wife bought our house at this address in 1980 from her grandmother, who bought the house in the late '60s - no-one named Brock has ever lived here.

- neither of us have been out of the country in the last 18 months, and at that time we flew roundtrip from Tampa to Paris. It's been years since either of us went to Mexico and returned through California.

I was told by the USC&BP paralegal to throw the letter away and disregard it, as someone probably just used a ficticious address when they entered the US. :-k ](*,)

When I explained that it seemed very unlikely that someone entering the US through the Port of San Ysidro would have been able to simply grunge up our street address and correct town/zipcode out of thin air (especially since our "official" address for years was on a different street entirely - it's a corner lot and the address wasn't changed on the tax rolls until about 10-12 years ago after the pool was installed in what used to be the "front" yard), and that I was concerned that someone was committing some sort of fraud or other crime using my address, I was advised to double-check my credit report to verify that there hasn't been any unauthorized activity. #-o me: uh, thanks lady - I kinda already thought of that....

So, apparently the USC&BP isn't worried about this - they'll just write it off as another "inaccurate data submission" and proceed with business as usual. :-# =:mad

If anyone has some suggestions for me as to how to continue digging into this, I would be most grateful. Alternatively, if someone can run a nationwide name search (I tried Google) and let me know if something comes up on this guy, I would be VERY appreciative! :smile
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Post by AirForceShooter » Tue Aug 14, 2007 11:30 am

put it all in writhing and send it return reciept certified mail back to the border patrol.
Then forget it.

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Post by g34man » Tue Sep 18, 2007 2:26 pm

Do nothing that mail was not for you thus you should not have opened it up (technically). So throw it away and as far as you are concerened it was not intended for you.

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Post by Springfield » Tue Sep 18, 2007 5:02 pm

If they used a bogus address, would they use their real name? :-k
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