Apartment complex considered private property?

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Post by otaku » Mon Apr 23, 2007 11:30 am

if you haven't yet sent in your paperwork for the concealed weapons license, then i would recommend you get electronic finger printing done. read through the brochure to see what you need to do. I hear this speeds up the process immensely and isn't that much more expensive (I believe it actually lowers the amount of money you need to send in and you pay a portion of the fee (the fingerprinting fee) when you do your electronic finger prints).

I did it the old fashioned way with my finger prints on paper, and it just seemed to take so long to get my permit in the mail. And I always got nervous carrying from my car to my apartment while waiting for the paperwork to come through. But, like everyone else said, it's a pretty big problem in 790 (i also used to carry through common ares to the office where I used to work).
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Post by drayno » Sun May 27, 2007 1:56 am

I was curious about this so I talked to my neighbor, a LEO.

He advised me that although it was not legal to transport concealed (without a permit) from apartment to car, and it's completely illegal to carry openly from apartment to car, he doesn't know an officer who would waste tax payers money with such a lame court case of someone carrying a concealed weapon from apt to car or vice versa.

About 9 months later the same neighbor, off duty, stopped me and asked if that was my "piece" in my zipper bag. I informed him that it was, he asked "Well what you got?" I told him the make and model. He was "impressed" as aparently he wants a Kimber too, and he asked me ot see it. I invited him up to my apartment and told him that i wouldn't show him in the open as it would be "brandishing." He came up and we talked for several hours about firearms and responsabilities. He was really cool about it.

Since I have about 5 LEO's living in my complex they all have "dropped" by to admire my wepaons, especially after I picked up the DPMS. They've all said basically the same thing after hanging out which was "It's nice to know there's at least one family here I'm not going to have to mop up." The Pinellas police are pretty cool in my opinion.


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