John McCain Brain Cancer

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Re: John McCain Brain Cancer

Post by Nicolas » Tue Aug 01, 2017 6:52 am

AirForceShooter wrote:How come no one is questioning McCain's mental stability?
The man has a tumor on his brain.
There was that committee hearing when he went completely off the rails.

So I ask. Is he competent?

Half of the people in that building would have to leave if they incorporated mental competency tests.... and that ain't a joke.... the other half would go if you ran drug tests and lie detectors to test for corruption.

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Re: John McCain Brain Cancer

Post by Cardboard_killer » Tue Aug 01, 2017 11:41 am

jjk308 wrote:Please stop putting words on my keyboard. Obamacare didn't solve any healthcare problems but added to them, temporarily plastering over the cost by huge government subsidies.
I said the opposite. You are the one claiming government subsidies are necessary and good. Call it Obamacare, or Romneycare, or Medicare, they are all government subsidies.
jjk308 wrote: You seem to enjoy controlling your own little political policy universe divorced from reality so this is the last time I'll read any of your posts, let alone respond.
Ah yes, the reason your precious RNC is acting like the DNC is because of necessary politics. You would give out government handouts, but only to those who vote for your party. And that makes you a corrupt liberal, not a conservative.
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