Campus Carry can't come too soon!

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Campus Carry can't come too soon!

Post by FfNJGTFO » Mon May 22, 2017 8:10 pm

WAMU.ORG - Suspect in College Pk. MD Murder Held without Bail - Investigated as Hate Crime.

I wouldn't normally post a story like this, except for one thing.... MY NIECE ATTENDS THAT SCHOOL.... ON THAT VERY CAMPUS! [smilie=014.gif] [smilie=014.gif] [smilie=014.gif]

I pray we get campus carry very soon! _:

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Re: Campus Carry can't come too soon!

Post by rchrd.miranda » Tue May 23, 2017 9:46 am

Let's stop and think for a moment. While I tend to support the right to carry, it isn't a cure all. It probably would not have prevented this tragedy. In fact an open carry law may very well include weapons other than firearms and would "legalize" whatever this individual was carrying. Drunk, bigoted and armed is a bad combination regardless of legal prohibitions or entitlements. An unprovoked attack that offers no prelude and no warning is not preventable by use of force. The article states the subject was arrested near the place of the attack. It does not explain how or why he was still there or whether he was detained by citizens.

Perhaps there are other even more fundamental issues to be addressed. Consider the environment that encourages individuals to view themselves as victims deserving of succor, routinely coddles offenders, defines new microaggressions and other perceived slights as social injustice, and rationalizes unacceptable behavior. There is no sense of social responsibility for one's own actions. There is little respect for the law and no expectation of serious consequences for bad actions. Certainly, there is little or no respect for others.

There are arguments to be made for an armed citizenry and against gun free zones. There is a certain logic that criminals should not should not be free to commit mayhem unopposed. IMHO incidents like this may not be the best support for those arguments.

We all grieve for tragedy and especially when it strikes close to home. My prayers and sympathies for those touched by this and all random violence.

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