FIREMISSION: Beat the Anti-Gun FL GOP at their own game!

State and national practical & political discussions on legal open, concealed and vehicle carry.
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FIREMISSION: Beat the Anti-Gun FL GOP at their own game!

Post by FL_Cowboy » Fri Jan 27, 2017 5:18 pm

Form Email to send out across to every......

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Subject Line: FL GOP, the 2nd Amendment, and Women's Rights


I've have been a life long Republican and I have also been Pro 2nd Amendment for my entire life too.

For the 2017 Legislative Session; Sen. Greg Steube introduced SB-140. This was an all in one comprehensive bill that combined Open Carry and Campus Carry. I bring this up because since 2011. Pro 2nd Amendment Bills have been submitted in the State Senate and they have been blocked by Republicans. Not Democrats.... but fellow Republicans. Our Party prides itself as being the party that protects and expands individual rights. It campaigns on supporting the 2nd Amendment and exercising said rights. Yet we have Republicans constantly trying to limit our rights to self defense and especially those of women. Campus rapes and attack on female students is an ongoing and grave issue. And yet the members of the GOP continues to strip them of their rights to self defense.

This year so far, Sen. Steube's efforts have been crushed by fellow Republican Sen. Anitere Flores and Sen. Rene Garcia. Both members of Sen. Steube's Judiciary Committee. That committee is made up of a total of nine members. Five Republicans and four Democrats. With Sen. Flores and Sen. Garcia siding with the Democrats. They crushed any chance of Campus Carry at the moment. That's right. Two Republicans once again sided with Democrats to strip you and our fellow Floridians of the chance to exercise our rights and even more important. Have the ability to defend yourselves.

Senator Anitere Flores is one of three Republican Senators that sided with the Democrats to call for a Special Session after the Fort Lauderdale Airport Terror Attack.

She stated the following.


In 2016; a similar situation occurred in the Senate. Then Republican Judiciary Chairman Sen. Miguel Diaz de la Portilla stopped SB-300 via the very same committee that this year's bill has been stopped in. Sen. de la Portilla stated "OPEN CARRY IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN; IT'S DONE…ON ALL OF THESE GUN BILLS, I DON'T BELIEVE ANY OF THEM ARE NECESSARY. THEY COULD RESULT IN UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES. I THINK WE NEED TO PRIORITIZE IN OUR COMMITTEE, AS FAR AS WHAT WE HEAR. WE CAN'T HEAR EVERY BILL THAT'S REFERRED TO US." He of course did so with the blessing of then Senate President Andy Gardiner, also a Republican.

If you recall. In November of 2014; there was an active shooter attack at the Strozier Library. One of the FSU Students injured by the crazed attacker was a legally licensed conceal carry permit holder but was disarmed by State Law which bans anyone fRom carrying on campus. What's worse is that our fellow Floridians could have been legally armed if earlier that year the same type of bill as today was not gutted by a Senate Republican.

In 2014's Session, it was Sen. Charles McBurney; Republican of course that blocked SB-344 in the Senate via committee.

In 2011, it was Sen. Ellyn Bogdanoff that prevent FSU students from being able to be legally armed. She removed any and all mention of Campus Carry from SB-234 by an amendment that was then voted and passed by fellow Republicans.

Our Party claims to be the one that protects the 2nd Amendment yet time after time, they have been the ones that kill our rights. This is unacceptable. I bring this to your attention because their actions affect you and your fellow students. As Republicans Young and Old (thank God I'm not there yet!) we need to press the issue.

If the GOP claims to be a Party that defends the 2nd Amendment, protects the right to self defense, and claims to be the true Party that is for the equality and freedom of women. Then they need to pass Campus Carry and Open Carry.

Open Carry ties into this because women are hindered by societal standards on dress. It is much harder for a woman to conceal a firearm on their body. Usually they have to resort to off body carry via a purse. This in of itself is a problem.

In 2016, Ms. Lopez-Rivas wrote this letter to then Sen. Miguel Diaz de la Portilla. Ms. Lopez-Rivas is an undergraduate student at Florida State University and a Rape Victim.

"I am typing this letter from a Starbucks in Tallahassee, where I am situationally aware, trained, and well armed. Although I do not expect anything drastic to happen today, I am still prepared if something does go down—either to get the heck out and dodge, or tackle whatever happens head on, and I am prepared to do so with deadly force if needed. Although I now maintain great situational awareness everywhere I go and have self defense training in disarming, and in fighting off, an attacker, there are times where I am legally left without the tool that could best level the playing field in protecting me—my gun.

Currently under Florida law, I am not allowed to carry on my campus, Florida State University. On my campus that reported 17 sexual assaults in 2014; on my campus that uses maybe 10 uniformed officers at any given point in time to protect the whole campus; on my campus that refuses to back campus carry as a way for women to legitimately protect themselves from assault; and on my campus which claims sovereign immunity when they are unable to protect these women: I am told I am safe and I do not need a gun.

While President Thrasher and university officials would have you believe that I am not defenseless, and even, that I am safe on campus, I would beg to differ. I already used pepper spray once; do you want to know how that ended for me? I was left shaking and crying, half naked on campus grounds, with cut marks all over my body. That’s what pepper spray did for me.As a gun rights activist, I can write all day about our Second Amendment rights. I will throw down statistics like how 0.1 percent of rapes were completed when women used a firearm as compared to a 34 percent completion rate when women used any other form of self-defense. Or how with the exception of two, all the mass shootings since the 1950’s have been in gun free zones. Stats are easy to discuss, but when it comes to talking about being raped, my throat gets dry and my hands freeze up. It’s a lot harder to write about nightmares than it is to write about numbers.

And I do have nightmares from being raped on campus. Sometimes they are so bad I wake up at three in the morning sweaty and terrified because in my mind I am being raped again. In my mind I am there: I am forced into a secluded area, forced to unzip my pants, forced to lay down as tiny cuts are made all over my body and a man I do not know rolls on a condom and forces himself on top of me. I remember how cold the asphalt felt as I distracted myself from the sting of the knife. I remember looking into his eyes and realizing there was no emotion behind them, no sympathy just sadism. And I remember thinking: this is how I’m going to die and then getting up after it was done, tears streaming down my face and neck wondering how I even survived.

I was already raped once off campus my freshman year of college, but this time I used pepper spray. This time I ran, heading for those blue lights staggered around campus to signal the police I was in danger. I did everything right but when he pulled a knife I stopped fighting. Instinct told me to cooperate if I didn’t want to get stabbed to death, and here I am today—sitting at Starbucks, simultaneously trying to remember the exact details and forget this ever happened.

I fight for my Second Amendment rights because I believe I should never have a chance of getting raped again. I won’t deny the possibility of getting injured, but my gun gives me a chance that pepper spray, stun guns, and pocketknives never will. It prevents a knife being held at my throat and the voice of a stranger promising me he won’t kill me. And I won’t be denied the right to have that chance of surviving a potential attack rather than being assaulted again.

Sen. Diaz de la Portilla, why are you so adamant in denying me my right to protect myself and have a gun on campus? Why have you not schedule the campus carry bill for the Senate Judiciary Committee you chair? Why have you not met with me for 15 minutes since October when I began sending you and your legislative assistant weekly emails asking for an appointment?

I hope this open letter will engage opposition to campus carry. I hope everyone will understand why it’s so important that the bill be scheduled for a vote. Senator Diaz de la Portilla: Don’t let me be raped on campus again, let me arm myself, and whether you vote yes or no, at least schedule the campus carry bill for a vote."

Lastly, in February of 2012; Mr. Dale Norman was arrested by Fort Pierce Police for legally carrying a pistol. Mr. Norman was abiding by State Law by concealing his pistol while carrying under the authority of the State Issued Conceal Carry Weapons Permit. Mr. Norman's shirt rode up and briefly exposed the bottom of his holster. Once again; Mr. Norman, a law abiding was simply walking along the side walk and was arrested at gun point and forced to the ground simply for exercising his rights. Mr. Norman is currently fighting for his civil rights in the Florida Supreme Court.

Sen. Joe Negron (R) is the current Senate President. We need to make sure that he along with Senate Majority Leader Wilton Simpson (R) correct these issues. I am asking that you rally your College Republicans and email, call, and visit in person if possible and push this issue. Florida is only one of five State in the country that does not have Open Carry. Forty five other States do. We're one of the few State that restrict Campus Carry. We have a Republican Majority in the House and Senate along with having control of the Governor's Seat. It is a travesty that we cannot pass such simply legislation that corrects such injustices.

I ask for your assistance and I thank you for taking your time to hear me out.

Thank You


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