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Glock 43 Projects

Posted: Sun Jul 23, 2017 9:55 am
by Makers Mark
So I got a Glock 43 in trade a few weeks back. Wasn't my first as I sold my other one because it hurt my middle finger knuckle from the way the trigger guard sticks out so much. Now I wasn't really looking for another one but it was too good of a trade to pass up.

So when I got it I did some searching online and decided I was going to take the dremel to it and a soldering iron. I've been building things since I was little and I run a side business making furniture out of reclaimed materials so I have a garage full of amazing tools and have learned a lot just from fiddling around with things. I've built AR's rebuilt and checked numerous guns so the gunsmith part was easy, I was a bit nervous but I figured worst case if I screw up I'll find a way to fix it... but wow, I'm so glad I did. The feel is a thousand times better and just practicing my draw from the concealed holster is great, I don't have to try and reposition the gun after it's pulled as it sits in my hand perfectly.

So about a week ago I get another G43 to stipple and mess around with, it came with a threaded barrel. Well I don't have a 9mm can but I do have an evo 45... so here we go again.

I had an extra piston for a HK thread I hadn't used in years and I couldn't find any sort of adapter to fit a 45 thread into a 9mm barrel so I figured I'd make one. So using the HK piston and a steel thread protector from a 9mm 1/2-28 barrel I went to work. After lots of measuring, spot welding, bore checking, more bore checking and some more bore checking I finally had it.

Now although I am extremely thorough when building things like this I am always a bit scared they aren't going to work (even though I though of every negative scenario and made sure to avoid that before and during the build) so my first few shots I wore a welding mask, welding gloves and stood behind a 50g steel barrel full of water. Thank god nobody saw me, I could only imagine what they would think lol

But it was a complete success. First round was louder than expected, given the large bore for the 45 and the smaller 9mm round through it, but the subsequent rounds were actually very quiet, much quieter than I expected... now to find some 9mm HP's that are subsonic.


Re: Glock 43 Projects

Posted: Sun Jul 23, 2017 8:25 pm
by bonjorno2
Neat little project... I use for all my frame work. He is great, fast, and cheap!

Re: Glock 43 Projects

Posted: Mon Aug 21, 2017 5:57 am
by cubanstang50
Looks really nice. I shoot my octane 45 on the 43 and it sounds great. Very quiet. I was thinking of putting the 9mm end cap on it but no need as its very quiet.