May 1 Pistol Fighting 1 at Homestead Training Center.

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May 1 Pistol Fighting 1 at Homestead Training Center.

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A comprehensive, hands-on, day long shooting course that informs and challenges all experience levels. The "relaxed intensity" pace is absent of classroom or lecture downtime.

Begins with dry fire Manipulation skills (loading, unloading, reloading,clearing stoppages). Continues with dry fire Marksmanship skills (grip, stance, draw stroke, and marksmanship techniques). Evolves to purposeful live fire drills, each a very specific skill builder. Culminates with a graded qualification test.

Home study content includes: psychological preparedeness, situational awareness, and judicious use of deadly force.

Designed for:

Newer shooters
Experienced shooters with limited formal training
Formally trained shooters seeking to perfect and truth test their skills

Prepares student for Pistol Fighting 2

6 participant limit with 2 instructors (1 Civilian and 1 Law Enforcement)

8 hours

250 rounds (2 double stack magazines or 3 single stack magazines)

2D paper and cardboard targets

Graded diploma based on Qualification Test

Prerequisite: Current Florida Concealed Weapon License or prior EDC approval

$275 tuition

* Student provides own ammuntion, pistol, magazines, holster, magazine carrier, belt, eye & ear protection (rentals available)

To enroll, please visit

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