BVikingTactics/ Kyle Lamb at Southern Exposure

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BVikingTactics/ Kyle Lamb at Southern Exposure

Post by irv » Sat Jan 27, 2018 10:45 am

April 27 -29. Kyle Lamb, Viking Tactics. Dedicated Marksman

The easiest way to describe this class is that it is between a carbine and a sniper class. This class is designed for a carbine however bolt guns can be used however it will require the student to shoot one MOA which means no shithole ammo! Since you will be shooting two inches at 200 yards red dot sights are probably inadequate, the best set up will be a variable scope from low power to no more than 14X. If you have one great, if not Leupold will be bringing scopes and mounts for your use if you don't own one and may offer scopes to students at great prices. Three days for 715.00 plus the range fee of $10.00 per day (Total of $745.00). PREREQUISITES required (an approved carbine class is required to have been attended).

This will be the second time Kyle has run this class at Southern, the first time it was so well received he is bringing it back.

All classes will have ten dollar ($10.00) per day range fee payable the first day of class. See above.

Thanks for your interest.

Please contact me via email to book any classes or if I can help in any
way. bigsfish(at)bellsouth(dot)net

be safe irv

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