Kyle Lamb of Viking Tactics returns for Carbine 1.5

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Kyle Lamb of Viking Tactics returns for Carbine 1.5

Post by irv » Wed Aug 31, 2016 6:21 pm

All classes are taught by Mr. Randy Cain ( unless
otherwise noted.

As a heads up to all, I have been fielding many more emails concerning classes form people concerned of the state of affairs and terrorist attacks under Obama and Clinton and they want to learn how to defend themselves. Book your classes early to not get shut out.

Sept 3 & 4 Urban Precision Rifle This two day rifle class is a marksmanship class that will cover the fundamentals of making a perfect shot from a cold shot zero to multiple hits on the target. A section will be dedicated to the proper cleaning and lubrication of the rifle. The range will be out to 200 yards (urban police sniper distance) so you will need a rifle or carbine capable of 1 MOA. It will cover a number of shooting positions but will be mostly prone shooting. If your up for a challenge and want to improve your marksmanship this is your class. Two days $450.00

Sept 9 - 11 Tactical Handgun 101 By far the
most asked for class we offer and for good reason, the handgun is the
most difficult weapon to shoot accurately. You will be taught why your
hits don't go where you want them to go and how to correct this problem.
All students will become a better shooter under the diagnostic ability
of Mr. Cain I urge all serious students to repeat this class at least twice a year. Just imagine if one person at the Orlando nightclub had his handgun, the carnage would have been less. Three days for $550.00 Wait List Only

Oct 8 - 10 Practical Rifle Think you know how to hunt and shoot? This class will open your eyes. Best taken with a high powered hunting bolt rifle (.308 and up preferred by our students). Your trigger control and hunting skills will improve greatly. The added premise for this class is your bolt or lever hunting rifle is the last weapon that the powers that be will take away and that may be just around the corner as many liberals don't see a need for us to have semi-autos. Three days under the tutelage of Mr. Randy Cain for only $550.00.

Oct 14 - 16 Tactical Carbine 1 Designed for the novice many experienced shooters consider this the best carbine class available as it really focuses on the
fundamentals and if you aren't schooled in the fundamentals you will
never succeed with the carbine. Mr. Cain requires a high level of
accuracy and competence with the weapon. I recommend this class for all
wishing to take the more "advanced carbine" classes we offer and will go
so far as to say that those who do best in the advanced carbine classes
I have witnessed have attended this class at least once. Three days for

Nov. 4 - 6 Close Quarters Tactics (CQT) Once you have the basics of shooting on a square range then you need to branch out, since most gunfights happen at "bad breath distance" this class focuses on what happens at that distance. You will learn retention and counter retention techniques that may be more important to saving your life in the street or in your home. This is a live fire class but will have exercises in foot technique (the same footwork that your learn in Tarani's classes will apply because it is part of a system) and working with a blue gun. Prerequisites. Three days for $550.00

Nov 18 - 20 Intermediate Handgun This is my favorite handgun class because it deals with correct repetition under the watchful eye of Randy Cain, he corrects your problems as you go so you will only reinforce the correct techniques. This is a high round class, expect to shoot over 1500 rounds. Most of our better students take this class at lease once a year. Three days for $550.00

Dec. 2 - 4 Kyle Lamb of Viking Tactics returns for his very well received Carbine 1.5 This is a shooters class with barricade work, position work, movement work and accuracy work, you will also learn how to use the sling to shoot off both shoulders (can you say "knees"). Prerequisites are required and upon completion you meet the prerequisites for Streetfighter. Limited availability and all of Kyle's classes sell out very quickly. Three days with Kyle plus Chile (his AI) who is from his old unit $650.00 Wait List Only

Dec. 10 - 12 Revolver Skills Most of us have a revolver or six in our gear (some may even carry one as a back up) but haven't developed the skills necessary to run this weapon properly. The class starts with the proper way to turn the cylinder when loading right through the various speed loads and ends with taking your revolver apart and cleaning it properly down to the last little part. Two days $450.00

Dec 16 - 18 Defensive Shotgun The two people I most admired teaching the shotgun were Louis Awerbuck and his most prized student, Randy Cain and luckily I've had numerous shotgun classes from both. What an awesome weapon is the hands of someone who has been properly taught ho either to use this weapon. To me it is my go to weapon in my house and in an engagement less than 100 yards. What awesome power a slug has leaving the barrel and punching a 3/4 inch hole through something either living or not. Three days for $550.00.

More classes to be added.

All classes will have ten dollar ($10.00) per day range fee payable the first day of class.

Thanks for your interest.

Please contact me via email to book any classes or if I can help in any
way. bigsfish(at)bellsouth(dot)net Or use the direct link on the web

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