Room Clearing Course Oct 1st & 2nd

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Room Clearing Course Oct 1st & 2nd

Post by Standby » Fri Jul 22, 2016 10:09 am

Home Defense Room Clearing Course

Course Brief: Every day civilians obtain firearms for personal protection inside the home, yet rarely do they have the opportunity to train in such an environment. In this course, you will receive professional training in the art of room clearing / tactical movement in and around a building. Students will learn how to best negotiate hallways, doorways, large rooms, small rooms, dark rooms, and familiar and unfamiliar rooms / buildings. We will teach you to fight in a confined spaces, with elevated heart rate and high-stress situations under the guidance of professional instructors. The class will be taught in a purpose-built shoot house and participants will use airsoft weapons in force-on-force scenarios against live adversaries. This course is structured to be intense and dynamic, to take you out of your comfort zone. Students will be required to make ongoing decisions while under stress.

Course Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Cost: $350

Length: 2 Days

Skills that will be worked on and Topics Discussed in this Class: •Clearing a House or Structure
•Moving around Buildings and People
•Counter Home Invasion Techniques
•Room Clearing in the Dark
•Movement while Fighting
•Communication Techniques
•Defensive Mindset
•21 Foot Rule
•Stress Fire Decision Making
•Gun Fighting vs. Range Shooting and Competitions
•Mental Preparation & Awareness
•Selection of Carry Gear
•Best Methods of Carry for Security & Concealment
•Defensive Gun Fighting Techniques
•Action or Reaction
•Dynamic and Covert Movement
•Correct Use of Cover and Concealment
•Close Quarter Gun Fighting
•Multiple Assailants
•Using OODA Loop
•Understanding SNS
•Fear Control

Course conducted by Florida Firearms Training.

More info: Click here

Or Call 561 450 9586
561 450 9586

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