Active Shooter Defense

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Active Shooter Defense

Post by Standby » Tue Jun 21, 2016 1:13 pm

Overview: Florida Firearms Training (FFT) is available to teach an onsite Active Shooter Interdiction class. This class is customized to suit the specific needs of the client and location. This training is specifically designed for locations that may feel a risk from a possible armed assailant. The so called ACTIVE SHOOTER situations happen everywhere, including schools, businesses, government building, churches and shopping malls. The shooter may be a deranged employee, a terrorist, drug induced or simply a desperate criminal. Having a plan on how to deal with such a situation can literally save lives and litigation. Learning the skills on how to deal with an active shooter is what we can teach you.

Duration and Content:
This course is an all-day class that includes:

1. Visual and verbal security assessment of location.
2. Verbal recommendations for hardening location.
3. Planning, equipment and Standard Operating Procedures or “SOP’s”
4. Review of legal issue around the use of deadly force.
5. Scenario based exercises designed to test skills necessary for active shooter interdiction, along with force on force training to prepare the armed citizen to be able to respond as effectively as possible, if they ever have to face an armed assailant.
6. Correct liaison with responding police protocols.
7. Advanced first aid techniques and recommendations.
8. Defensive firearm techniques including use of cover (No live fire)
9. Movement and communications tactics.
10. Introduction to improvised and non-lethal weapons.

This is designed as an on location course at clients business, church, etc. Or for visitors to our State, (fan additional fee of $300 per day) we access to locations in Okeechobee Florida and Boca Raton Florida where the training can take place.

By Appointment Only.

Who is Florida Firearms Training?
We strongly suggest you do your own due diligence on our company, as we are very proud of our hard earned reputation of excellence in the industry, here is just a short overview. Florida Firearms Training LLC the largest fully licensed and insured (as are all of our instructors) professional firearms training company in the State of Florida, with over 2,800 students going through our courses in 2015 alone. We are an internationally recognized provider of firearms and tactics instruction, with five weekly training locations around the State of Florida.

Why FFT Training?
All of our course outlines are documented and proprietary, taught by the book and certificated. Our training modules are based on our own building block, crawl, walk, run concept. We maintain a complete database of students (over 10,000), passed and failed classes and next steps. FFT is a Professional Academy for the extremely serious business of firearms and tactics training. Teaching is our chosen career and we all subscribe and sign a code of conduct that reflects this.

What are the FFT Instructors Credentials?
Our personnel are without doubt our greatest assets. NRA certified and insured, military, law enforcement, security and special operations veterans. Our teams are made up of professional subject matter experts. Most have in depth operational experience from multiple nations, including but not limited to military, PMC, law enforcement, Special Forces, security service, with real world operational experience.

For More info and Pricing Please Contact:
Tel: 561 450 9586
561 450 9586

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