FFT 3 Day Defensive Pistol Immersion Sept 3 - 5

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FFT 3 Day Defensive Pistol Immersion Sept 3 - 5

Post by Standby » Fri Jun 10, 2016 5:15 pm

FFT Pistol Immersion Level One

Course Brief: This 3-Day Immersion Course takes the student through Levels One and Two of our Advanced Defense Handgun curriculum in an extended format allowing for more repetition of drills while learning to shoot under stress. Through repetition, skills and abilities will be established and honed. Progression is based on a building block concept to a level where learned skills become instinctive. This class is offered 2-3 times per year. Space is limited to 12 students.

Course Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Length: 3 Days

Taught By: Florida Firearms Training

Location: Okeechobee Shooting Sports

Skills that will be Worked On and Topics Discussed in this Class:
- Defensive Mindset
- Gun Fighting vs. Gun ‘Range Shooting’
- Equipment Review
- Grip Review
- Dominant Eye / Hand Solutions
- Combative Shooting Stance / Body Positioning
- Understanding and Using Physical and Psychological Reactions to Lethal Force Confrontations
- Understanding Line of Sight in Combative Environments
- Correct Combative Drawing and Re-Holstering Techniques
- Getting Off the X
- Sighted Shooting Techniques
- Subconscious Sight Picture Techniques
- Point Shooting Techniques
- Mastering Recoil
- Shooting and Moving
- Emergency Magazine Changes vs. Tactical Magazine Changes
- Understanding and Effectively Using Trigger Reset
- Multiple Threat Priorities and Engagement
- Introduction to Combative Shooting Techniques
- Human Anatomical Targeting Preferences
- One Handed vs. Two Handed Shooting: When / Why / How
- One Handed Magazine Changes
- One Handed Point Shooting Techniques
- Shooting from Point Shoulder, Half Hip and Retention
- One Handed Combative Drawing and Re-Holstering Techniques
- Solving Malfunctions: Immediate Action / Stoppage Drills
- Moving while Shooting
- Correct Shooting Techniques from Cover and Concealment
- Kneeling Techniques
- Understanding and Using OODA Loop in Defensive Scenarios
- Multiple Target Engagement Techniques
- Bad Guy with Hostage Technique

Skills and Requirements Needed Coming Into this Class:
- Must be comfortable with chosen firearm while shooting in a traditional static range environment.
- Must be familiar with basic manipulation and use of chosen firearm
- Must have concealed weapons permit or have completed criminal background check

Prerequisite Courses which will Help You Obtain the Above Skills but are Not Mandatory:
- Introduction to Handgun
- Advanced Concealed Carry
- Ladies Only Advanced Concealed Carry
Or Comparable Coursework from Louis Awerbuck, Randy Cain, Travis Haley, Pat Rogers, Kyle Lamb, Tactical Response, Robin Brown (Brownie) Clint Smith, John Farnum, Mike Seeklander, Dave Spaulding, Pat Rogers, Gunsite, Tactical Response or Terry Hall.

Equipment List:
- Your Chosen Handgun
- 1400 Rounds Ammunition (This may be purchased at the range.)
- A Standard Strong Side Carry Holster for your Chosen Handgun (*Holster Guidelines)
- Minimum of 3 Pistol Magazines (The more the better!)
- Sturdy Gun Belt and Pants with Belt Loops
- Magazine Pouches
- Full-wrap Eye and Ear Protection (May be rented from the range.)
- Weapon Cleaning and Lubrication Equipment
- Pen and Paper

Maximum Student to Instructor Ratio: 5:1
Maximum Number of Students: 12
Cost: $500
Sign up Here:
www.floridafirearmstraining.com or call 561 450 9586 for more info.
561 450 9586

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