Prototype and testing questions

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Prototype and testing questions

Post by Jonathanw » Fri Mar 16, 2018 10:31 am

As some of you know I have been designing and developing a new type firearm/Ammunition system for the past year. I have my patent pendings covered for now and I’m in the process of building my prototypes and eventually testing to prove of concept.

My machinist just finished making 6 bolts for me and I just need to finish chambering the barrel and the firing pin system needs to be machined. Those parts than need to be heat treated than they are good to go.

My Ammunition is almost finished, I just need to create safe loads and data sheets for testing and recording a variety of different powders and primers to avoid a Kaboom at the range(Rifle will be fired remotely)

My questions:

What is good affordable reliable Chronograph for measure bullet speed?

Should I use ballistic jell to test the impact and ballistics?
Are there any affordable ones on the market or DIY kits?

Does anyone know a person who owns one of those hi-Speed cameras so I can record the flight path of the bullet to make sure the bullet is not tumbling or improperly spinning. I’d be willing to pay for their time and expenses.

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Re: Prototype and testing questions

Post by g.willikers » Sat Mar 17, 2018 9:14 am

No need for fancy equipment.
Tumbling bullets will show up through stiff cardboard by their oblong holes.
Improper spinning, (whatever that means) will show up as inaccurate, with lots of flyers and loose groups.
See how simple life can be?
No need for ballistic gel, either.
Water filled plastic jugs and phone books work just as well for showing penetration and fragmentation.
As for chronographs, fancy is as fancy does.
The low priced Chrony brand will do most everything you need.
Other brands will do more and cost more, but like most things will probably not be needed as much as one can imagine.
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