BST Commercial RULES

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BST Commercial RULES

Post by John K » Fri Aug 01, 2014 7:57 am

-BST Individuals

1- All transactions MUST follow ALL Federal, State, and Local Firearms Laws

2 - SELLER must be an authorized FSN Supporting Dealer

3 - All adverts must include a selling price and any preferences regarding
terms of sale must be posted clearly.

4 - No links to any firearm pay sites ,GB, AL, or FGT as examples, and
could lead to immediate banning.

5- Questions to SELLERS should be placed in the specific Dealer's subforum, and must be answered in a timely manner, repeated complaints will have Dealer's account reviewed.

6 - The posting of copyrighted links, pictures or script is prohibited.

7 - The SELLER may not edit/delete a sales thread without asking permission
first, all prices must stay visible and item must be updated as *SOLD* once
transaction is fully completed. Once all items in post have been SOLD, the
thread should be LOCKED.

8 - Dealers wishing to sell FIREARMS must PM an Admin with their first 3/last 5. Dealers wishing to sell ACCESSORIES ONLY must supply their FL Tax ID, and will be limited to selling ACCESSORIES ONLY.