atn digital or thermal ?

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atn digital or thermal ?

Post by Sweep » Tue Nov 29, 2016 6:24 am

Ok gang im pairing down from about 50 guns to 15. Gonna be getting rid of every thing i dont use but i want to get at least one optic for my rifles that is nv compatible im currently running trijicons but have Aimpoint Eotech and Cmore sites and i have a pv14 monocular that snaps in behind them on the rail the Cmore rail is not nv and is gonna go . I want something for distance use at night, and i see every thing from thermal to digital nv .
I want something that will function on 5.56 thru 308 mainly so it cant be recoil sensitive.. Currently im looking at the atn zeus and the atn digital hd 2 .

So who has them Shot them finger fft them and whats your opinon of the current offerings on the market ......... old timer needs schoolin
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