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James Bardwell's Firearms Laws Pages

Post by Nick Ward » Mon Oct 06, 2003 6:22 pm

Tom Bowers at subguns.com http://www.subguns.com gave permission to post a link to these pages he hosts.

James Bardwell and Jim Jeffries are among the foremost authorities on the legalities of firearms ownership. Their advice has helped countless thousands of gun owners through the sometimes contradictory maze of laws, statutes, and opinions that face the law abiding gun owner seeking the answers to obscure - and sometimes obvious - questions.

Here's the main link : http://www.subguns.com/laws/laws.htm

Below is the introductory page verbatim with the hot links.

Thanks Tom, James, and Jim!


James Bardwell has worked incredibly hard to provide this information to everyone. He has the only substantial body of NFA legal information available on the internet.

Therefore, all roads lead to James Bardwell except for the little link to an NRA state laws page.

I would like to thank James Bardwell for his selfless service to our community, both in providing his priceless site for our use and in answering legal questions on the boards.

It is unknowable how many innocent people James has made information available to which has kept them from inadvertently breaking some obscure or confusing law.

You will find information here on such esoterica as:

Obtaining the law enforcement certification
NFA weapons and the 4th amendment
NFA weapon amnesties
Machine gun sears and conversion parts
Any other weapons
Destructive devices
Sound suppressors (Silencers)
Short barreled rifles
State NFA restrictions

The FAQ On National Firearms Act Weapons , is an exellent FAQ by James Bardwell.

Other links into James' site, along with a link to a decent NRA page:
James Bardwell's NFA and other gun law related info and cases
James Bardwell's ATF letters and legal cases.
NRA State Firearm Law Summaries.
James Bardwell's exellent semi auto FAQ.

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