August Postal Match?

Compete with your fellow FSN Members without leaving your home shooting range. Better known as the "Shoot n Mail."
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August Postal Match?

Post by g.willikers » Mon Aug 01, 2011 12:46 pm

The previous one that I posted got an impressive number of hits, but no scores or comments have been posted.
Oh well, it's hot.
Maybe later.
Anyhow, here's another one for this month, or whenever, unless someone else comes up with one.

The problem with designing a postal match is trying to come up with one that is ok to do at all the places we shoot.
So many restrictions, so many rules.
Oh well, this one should be doable just about anywhere.
If you are lucky enough to have a range that allows targets to be set up a various distances, it will look like this:
For handgun and / or long gun.
Three bad guys are taking a bead on you, one up close, one further back and the third one cowering behind a rock with a rifle.
The targets will be three 8" circles, one at 7 yds, one at 15 yds and one at 25 yds.
Begin from the low ready position, (gun loaded, safety off, finger off the trigger, aimed downward at about 45 degrees).
One round per target in less than five seconds, total.
Plenty of time.
Repeat five times, for a maximum score of 15, one per hit.
If the place you shoot only allows one target to be set up, put three circles on it, relative sizes to match the above setup, for the distance.
For example, if the one allowable target is at 7 yds, (a common distance for most ranges), the circles will be 8", 4" and approx 2".
Enjoy and if there's any complaints, send them to the complaint department, please.

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