FSN Rimfire Rifle Postal Match for July ... Ends August 1st

Compete with your fellow FSN Members without leaving your home shooting range. Better known as the "Shoot n Mail."
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FSN Rimfire Rifle Postal Match for July ... Ends August 1st

Post by miamitj » Tue Jul 15, 2008 9:16 pm

Round 2 ...

Shoot is broken into two categories(.22 Calibers and .17 Calibers) and one winner will be selected from each category. There are no scope restrictions so you can shoot the target with whatever scope you like or with irons. Shoot and enter as many targets you like with as many rifles you like.

Rules are:

1. No full rests -- front rests / bipod only
2. 5 shots per target at 50 yards
3. Target must be shot and a picture/scan uploaded and posted on this post no later then 12:01 on Aug 1, 2008
4. 50 Pts max per target, 600 pts total max
5. Shot touching ring will get higher score only if 50% or more of shot lies in ring

4 winners total will be selected. 1 winner in the .22 class using a scope and 1 winner in the .22 class using irons. The other two winners will be the scoped and iron shooters in the .17 class. Person with the most points on the sheet, MAX of 600, wins. Questions or issues resulting from scoring is decided by the referees (I need two volunteers).

Lets use the same target as last time. I know the dates are off but I am on vacation and I don't have access to the original file to fix it. Here is the official target: http://www.cwlmiami.com/postalshoot/fsn ... tmay08.pdf. It MUST be printed on a 8.5x11 sheet paper. A correct print should have a .5" border all around. When you print the target make sure you do not choose the "shrink to fit" option.

This shoot is informal and just for fun. May the best shooter win !!!
Omi R.

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Re: FSN Rimfire Rifle Postal Match for July ... Ends August 1st

Post by Nicolas » Fri Aug 15, 2008 4:01 pm

If you extend to the 1st of September I'll post a .22lr and .17HMR target [smilie=pdt_xtremez_30.gif]

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