Winter Postal Match

Compete with your fellow FSN Members without leaving your home shooting range. Better known as the "Shoot n Mail."
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Winter Postal Match

Post by g.willikers » Fri Dec 28, 2012 9:56 am

This is another one that can be done anywhere.
It's for multiple target transition practice.
At 25 yards, set up the following target, with five circles, all on one large target backing - about 30" square or so.
Start with fairly large circles, say 10" and work your way down to 6".
Or even smaller if you're really good.




Put one round in each as fast as possible.
If you're using a public range, an electronic timer probably won't be of help, unless the place is deserted.
So, just use a shooting cadence of one second or so for each shot.
You know, one thousand one, shoot, one thousand two, shoot, 'etc.
When it gets easy, use smaller circles until you get stumped.
What's the smallest circles you can do and keep the 1 second per shot cadence going?

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