Liberals want to change the Name of a Texas City

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Liberals want to change the Name of a Texas City

Post by Firemedic2000 » Thu Aug 23, 2018 5:49 pm ... ustin.html

AUSTIN Texas. Will they ever go away

The Democratic Socialist Extremists Liberals say they want to do all these things because it involves SLAVERY. I think they are absolutely LYING. It has absolutely nothing to do with SLAVERY. That's just the excuse they are using. I believe it's a history thing.

To much whiteness in AMERICAN HISTORY. The Democratic Liberal Socialist are absolute idiots. You remember when BLM gave speeches about going into white neighborhoods and killing white women and babies and then stealing their homes and moving into them.

These white liberal fools were standing in amongst the hords and cheering them on. They were to ignorant to realize these BLM people were calling for their deaths. Yet there they stood in the crowd cheering for their own deaths. IDIOTS!!!

The DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST EXTREMISTS want to wipeout the white history of America and shame white America. Think I’m joking, it’s just fine to say BLM.

But say WLM and your immediately a racist. Say anything good about a white American and your RACIST. Defend White America in anyway or form.

Say your proud to be an WHITE AMERICAN AND YOUR A BIGOT AND RACIST. Yet others can say Proud Black American, Proud Mexican American PROUD ANYTHING AS LONG AS ITS NOT A WHITE EUROPEAN AMERICAN.

This not so much as a slavery thing I believe. They are just using slavery as an excuse. An excuse to attack WHITE MONUMENTS, CITIES WITH NAMES THEY DO NOT LIKE USING RACISM AS THE EXCUSE JUST TO DESTROY WHITE HISTORY. Watch WASHINGTON D.C. WILL BE ON THE HIT LIST

Because as stated they will and are going after the monuments of the founding fathers of AMERICA now. Using slavery as nothing more as an excuse in order to destroy WHITE AMERICAN HISTORY.

What better way to attack WHITE AMERICA than to destroy their history. Destroy their monuments to the founding fathers of AMERICA. Think about it. Do they even teach American history in Public schools any more.

Yes a very white washed version, excuse the pun. Then what is taught by a Democratic Socialist Extremists Liberal teacher portrays AMERICA as not a great nation.

Instead one that is failing nation because of what the evil and corrupt Republicans have done to it. They teach the the greatest PRESIDENT AMERICA ever had was a BLACK PRESIDENT named Barack Obama.

My granddaughter say her teacher mentioned these things when she was in school. But there are good teachers to that do their best to teach.

But there's just not alot of info, or not as much as we had. They do not teach world history I was told by my granddaughter. But they do teach alot about slavery, how America interned the Japanese during WW2 alot of bad things America did against other Americans of non white descent. Depending on the teacher. She said.

So the attack on SHAMING WHITE AMERICA starts early and continues for I'll say 9 years.

All they have to do is use slavery as an excuse. Slavery that not single black person alive in AMERICA today has ever experienced. But uses as an excuse for failure and to try and wipe out WHITE AMERICAN HISTORY.

Now not all black AMERICANS feel this way, there are great Black Americans. Unfortunately those on the left attack these AMERICANS worse than us.
In the Government's/Elitist eye's I'm a Terrorist for believing in the Constitution and taking an oath to defend it instead of destroying it

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