HFRPC Update 2013

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HFRPC Update 2013

Post by hfrpcexec » Fri Mar 29, 2013 2:56 am


For those able to get onto Hurlburt Field (active military, retired, dependents, contractors, GS, etc) here is some updated data on our range

we offer a 7/15/20 yard 10 position pistol/rifle range, and a 20 position rifle range, with 6 100 yard and 14 200 yard positions

Membership is $75 for new members, $60 for renewals, and $40 for renewals if the member completes a work day(range cleanup).

Guest privileges require taking an added class, and using rifles above the ballistics of 7.62x51 round requires a special(very easy) one time qual.

Holster draw and double taps also require a special qual (basically, taking part in an Action Pistol match we have once a month)

We offer 1st Steps Pistol classes, an Action pistol match, High Power Rifle match, and coming soon, a 22 Sporter Rifle/Pistol match

The two person policy remains in effect, but we have a full time Range Manager who is there on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 0800 to 1200, and he counts as the 2nd person.

Renewal or initial membership can be done Mon-Wen-Fri from 0800 to 1000, and Sat 0800 to 1100. There is an open book test and safety video, takes about an hour to complete.

If anyone has any questions, you may email me at jpattersonhfrpc@aol.com


Jim Patterson
Executive Officer, HFRPC

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