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Need help IDing P.38 magazine

Posted: Mon Mar 11, 2013 8:44 pm
by Trundy
I just got a nice P.38, made by Mauser in 1944, all numbers matching, with all of the correct inspection and test-firing marks, unrefinished, no import marks, a little rough as you would expect that late in the war. Mauser didn't stamp serial numbers on its mags, but the two codes on the magazine are consistent with Mauser 1944 production, so it very well may be the original mag that shipped with the gun. A second mag has a single code of either "ivo" or "ivc" on it, and a different type of welds; I haven't been able as yet to find any record of the code. Can anybody help me with an ID of the manufacturer?

Re: Need help IDing P.38 magazine

Posted: Tue Mar 12, 2013 9:16 am
by Trundy
I managed to answer my own question with the help of Dennis, the Dutch guy who runs a very informative P.38 site, I had misread the "jvd" code due to a very light stamp on the mag. The bottom of the "j" was missing, so it looked like an "i"; and the top of the "d" was missing, so it looked like an o or c. As the serial number indicates that the pistol was made in either July or August 1944, the Allies had already stormed the beaches at Normandy, so the guys stamping the mags were in a real hurry, and the light stamp is understandable. Here's what Dennis wrote:

"Your magazine is stamped with 'jvd' and was produced by the sub-contractor 'Erste Nordbohmische Metallwarenfabrik'. The majority of this magazine variation was issued with Spreewerk (cyq) pistols. These magazines also were delivered to the Mauser factory, where they were issued with Mauser P.38 pistols produced in 1944 (byf44). The majority of the magazines issued with byf44 pistols were still in-house Mauser-made magazines. So your magazine is totally correct for your gun."

So it's possible that both mags that came with my P.38 have been with it for the last 69 years.

Re: Need help IDing P.38 magazine

Posted: Tue Mar 12, 2013 3:00 pm
by birdman
Cool. It's always nice to have a piece of history in the house.. Congratulations.