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Re: Wait times to get quicker ????

Posted: Thu Oct 12, 2017 11:00 am
by Villafuego
Villafuego wrote:
Fri Jul 14, 2017 11:16 am
I saw the figures you posted over at NFA Tracker a while back.....

My observation is that the actual processing is closer to 5,000 a's mid July and they are just "wrapping up" the pre-41F Efile lets say it took them from mid-May to the mid/end of July to process 30,000. That's approx. 4500-5000 per week (being generous there).

Looking at the rest of the numbers.....130K total pending, means that since the 41F "cutoff", they have received, on average, 10K submissions per month (July '16-May '17).

If they maintain the staffing levels, and production levels, they could process a months worth of post-41F submissions every 2-3 weeks.

I'm guessing my April '17 F1 could come back in around September-October......5-6 months....

Still better than a year
Looks like my F1, mailed 4/26, was approved 10/3.......showed up in the mailbox 10/11.....