Buying VS building NFA

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Re: Buying VS building NFA

Post by better2have&notneed » Fri Jul 29, 2016 6:00 pm

870Mike wrote:
Jonathanw wrote:
Pizzim wrote:They cant re issue a new serial number, do they replace the "baffles"? What kind of can are you looking for?
I maybe rewording it wrong but it's on the company's website, I think they may have meant engraving the replacement with the serial number on the broken one.

I want one that can shoot 300 and 9mm but have to save up for a while so I can drop $900-1500 for a good one
Why waste a $200 stamp on some POS?

There are no less than 15 Silencerco Hybrid's on GB right now btwn. $700 ~ $900.

The Silencerco Omega can shoot .300, 5.56 & 7.62, also around $800. 20+ on GB at this moment.
As a Hybrid owner, I can tell you the end caps, pistons, and adapters can add up....this isn't even all of mine.
BUT, I can use it on all my AK's, 51t AAC brakes, 3 lug, and pistols.


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