Best M16 silencer?

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Best M16 silencer?

Post by philasteen » Sat Mar 23, 2013 5:04 pm

My son is after me to build a suppressed commando upper for the M16. (Seems he has really taken a liking to this in his Call of Duty game.)

So I'm looking for recommendations on what the best silencer might be and what features to look for. I have relatively little experience with them but it seems it should be durable, and stand up to full auto fire well.

Any thoughts?

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tony k
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Re: Best M16 silencer?

Post by tony k » Sat Mar 23, 2013 6:51 pm

S, haven't heard from ya in so long, how ARE ya, guy????

If your son's into Call of Duty .... let me suggest you stay away from 5.56 muzzle cans, which on short barrels have a ton of blowback, still have a supersonic crack, and are expensive as h*** to feed ....

I still love my old-school LRM M169. Lee built mine (the SN is my initials and the two-digit year of my birth) way back when, but I still love it. I don't think anyone is currently building them but Andy Blaschik is doing high-performance mods for them and since he is an 07/02, I know he could build ya one from scratch if you can't find a used one ....

FWIW, here's a short clip of mine with supersonic 115-hr. It bleeds off velocity a bit but I worked with Lee on these from Gen 1 to make sure it did not bleed off too much energy (early ones were like MP5SD, which sometimes don't have the remaining oomph to knock down steel plates). Mine (gen 4.5) packs significantly more terminal energy than an SD, yet is still quiet. And it's safe to use subsonic ammo unlike the SD, for even more reduction.

Anyway, mine with the supersonic (much louder) ammo:

And if he needs more inspiration (can you believe Lee invited me to this photo shoot, and I couldn't make it? Arrgh! Love that Russian eye-candy):

And finally, here's John Titsworth's Silencer Research video -- I swear mine is quieter, but this vid is from '07 and I suspect is an earlier generation than mine:

Finally, Lee registered all of his original M169's in both 9mm and .22RF, and as an option offers twin uppers in both calibers sharing a single can. [smilie=011.gif]

Give me a shout sometime. I'd be great to hear from ya.

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