FFT Long Range Rifle Immersion Level Two

Bolt guns, gas guns and long range shooting tactics.
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FFT Long Range Rifle Immersion Level Two

Post by Standby » Mon Jun 29, 2015 4:03 pm

Long Range Rifle Immersion Level Two:

Course Brief: This course is for experienced rifle shooters that want to push their individual abilities with a precision rifle in varying conditions and environments beyond just static bench or prone shooting. It applies to many different aspects of marksmanship including military/law enforcement, competition, and hunting. Anyone interested in placing precision fire on point targets at or near the maximum effective range of their rifle under imposed stress will learn the art and science involved in doing so in this course.

THIS IS NOT A BASIC COURSE. As with all of our ADVANCED courses, it has a relatively complex curriculum. This course will utilize the entire 80 acre facility, fully taking advantage of all the ranges on-site. Students that complete the course will have a proficiency in handling a firearm under stress conditions, advanced marksmanship fundamentals, and a combined knowledge of their personal capabilities with their equipment.

The course concludes with our Advanced Precision Rifle Qualification Course, an exercise covering 40 acres where the student will be required to read maps, stalk from position to position, identify and range targets, report via radio, and engage targets out to 500 yards from improvised positions within a given time constraint. Students must achieve a 80% score or better course to pass and receive their certificate of completion. The pass rate for first-time attendees is 60%.

Course Level: Advanced
Cost: $650 (Includes Instruction, Training, Range Fees, Targets, Lunch Both Days, Overnight Lodging, Dinner and Breakfast)
Lodging will be provided at the Hampton Inn Okeechobee or comparable hotel with all meals on-site. Pricing is based on Double Occupancy. Contact Us for Availability and Pricing for Single Occupancy.
Length: Two days

Skills that will be Worked On and Topics Discussed in this Class:
- Advanced Fundamentals of Marksmanship
- Ballistics
- Reading Wind
- Range Estimation
- Observation Skills,
- Target Engagements to 500 yards
- Alternate Positions
- Shooter / Spotter Techniques and Responsibilities,
- Terminology and Communications
- Standing, Kneeling, Supported and Improvised Positions,
- Shooting from Elevated Positions (up to 50 feet off the ground)
- Timed Targets.
- Moving Targets

Skills and Requirements Needed Coming Into this Class: See Prerequisites below
Required Prerequisites:
- Long Range Rifle Immersion Level One OR - Proof of similar course completion

Equipment List:
- 200 Rounds of match grade ammo - No Steel Core, Penetrating or Tracer Ammo
- Precision Rifle capable of Minute of Angle Accuracy (Precision rifles are a necessity for a course of this kind.)
- Quality Adjustable Scope (A scope that will allow for precision shooting at 500+ yards, Mil Dot, Target Turrets, BDC or Meridian Reticules are recommended.)
- Bipod
- Sling
- Rear Bag
- Cleaning Kit
- Pen, Pencil and Highlighter
- Rifle Data Book or Notebook
- Shooting Mat
- Spotting Scope
- Range Finder
- Scope Adjustment Tools
- Calculator

Maximum Student to Instructor Ratio: 4:1
Maximum Number of Students: 8

2015 Course Dates / Locations:
Due to the Facility Needs, this class is only offered at Okeechobee Shooting Sports, Okeechobee, Florida
Mon/Tue July 20-21
Mon/Tue October 19-20

Booking and Cancellation Policy: A $250 Deposit is required at the time of booking and will be charged to the card entered at registration. This deposit is refundable until 7 days prior to the course. Cancellations within 7 days of the class will forfeit the deposit. The balance of the course fees will be due to the instructor the day of the class, cash or credit.

Book Here: www.floridafirearmstraining.com
Or Call 561 450 9586 for more info / questions etc.
561 450 9586

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