CMP Sales News 7-26-13... Hope U got yours already!

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CMP Sales News 7-26-13... Hope U got yours already!

Post by jmikeb653 » Fri Jul 26, 2013 3:44 pm

Sales Update

MANY M1 GARAND OPTIONS - SOLD OUT. As most of our customers and competitors know, this year has seen a nationwide unprecedented purchasing of firearms and ammunition. The panic buying, along with the increased popularity of the M1 Garand has impacted significantly on the CMP. Our store racks are bare and our M1 Garand ready to ship inventory of several grades and manufacturers has been wiped out and the waiting list (backorders) for some items exceeds 2,000 orders. As a result, we have stopped accepting orders for several grades and manufacturers. Please see for additional information.

Several years ago CMP received a large quantity of M1 Garand rifles from the U.S. Army. People generally assume that these were complete rifles, already packed and ready to ship. That is not the case. The "rifle" may be a stripped receiver, welded rifle, barreled receiver, complete rifle, used, unused, or even a lump of metal with a tag on it saying that this was serial number xxxxx destroyed in a fire. We still have thousands of these uninspected rifles in storage. The rifles are stored in unopened crates in several warehouses. We work (inspect, repair as needed, and grade) these rifles one crate at a time. Until we work a crate, we do not know what manufacturer we will find or how the rifle will grade.

The item with the largest amount of backorders is RM1HRAS, Harrington and Richardson Arms (HRA) Service Grade M1 Garand. Our serial number records show that we have significantly more HRA serial numbers than any other manufacturer, which is why we are still taking orders for this option. We do find 10-20 M1 Garands manufactured by Springfield Armory (SA) each week. We are not finding enough of these SA rifles to again begin accepting orders for them, but as we do find SA M1 Garands, we are contacting customers on the RM1HRAS list to see if they would accept the SA as a substitute, since pricing is the same for both. We work the oldest orders first and are now contacting a few customers whose orders were received in March 2013. We request that customers not contact us requesting a change, but wait till we contact them, since we will give the opportunity to change first to oldest orders.

AGUILA .22 CAL AMMO. This week we received an unexpected 300 cases of Aguila 419ASVGE and 400 cases of Aguila 419ASVSE. Oldest orders for these two items will be processed next week. This will still leave 5,460 open orders for the standard velocity 419ASVSE and 309 orders for Golden Eagle 419ASVGE. The next shipment is expected in October 2013.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Orest Michaels

Chief Operating Officer
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Re: CMP Sales News 7-26-13... Hope U got yours already!

Post by P5 guy » Sat Jul 27, 2013 8:08 am

We all knew the end would come just not so soon. Remember the CMP saying they had years worth of crates to go thru?
Blame Obama for the run on rifles? There are four CMP rifles in my safe all purchased prior to 2009. #-o

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