Bellator Arms BA89k review

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Bellator Arms BA89k review

Post by Allme » Sat Mar 10, 2012 3:36 pm

This is my review of my BA89k, a SP89k clone from Bellator arms.

I received my BA89k last Friday, picked it up from Big Tim’s Pawn (always the best place in Pinellas County to get your transfers taken care of). I only got to look at it briefly while at Tim’s, first glance and I was in love.

I got it home, fiddled with it a bit then as my usual routine dictates I took it apart to inspect/clean/oil my new toy. I own several other HK clones (V51, CA94, SP10, Cetme, V93) so I am not stranger to their design and their construction. In tearing this one down it became pretty obvious this isn’t a parts kit, there are no marks on the bolt of any kind and the recoil rod has odd end pieces. It should be noted the bolt that came with it is in fact an auto design, this is in line with their marketing this as a host gun for a registered trigger pack. Speaking of which this one is the navy style and with only 2 positions S & F. The fit/finish/welds are all excellent, the mag well was very tight to start with but after working the mag in and out a few times it seems to have loosened up a bit. Speaking of mags Bellator recommends using only HK mags with this pistol, it is odd that they would ship them with (1) American Tactical magg, more on this in my range report below. The only two features I would like to have seen incorporated is 1) a paddle mag release and 2) a threaded barrel. While these would have been nice I think it would have raised the price considerably.

Not being a big fan of the ranges in Pinellas/Hillsbourgh county I took my new toy to my buddy’s place out near plant city, he has a nice spread and a decent 275-300 yard range. I took 10 mags with me, 5 HK and 5 American tactical (including the one that shipped with the gun), I also took a few boxes of Winchester target ammo (100 count, white box @ wally world) and one hundred rounds of hard primer military surplus. The Winchester ran smooth as silk through 200 rounds in both the HK and AT mags, the hard primer did as well but did have 3 failure to fire but I believe that is because of the primers. NOTE: I only use the hard primer stuff with my HK clones, Calico and my Tec 9 they are just about worthless in a pistol. The groupings weren’t that impressive at 25 yards @ maybe 4-5” or so but then again we are talking about target ammo and a 5” barrel, on the flip side these are designed to spray and pray so I guess the groupings aren’t that bad. All together I am very pleased with how it performs.

After getting it home and cleaning it up I am very happy with my new toy. I have been wanting a SP89 clone for sometime but the price kept me out of the market, average price for a clone is $2100+ this one can be had for almost half of that and in this economy that is one heck of an incentive. Don’t let the low price fool you, the BA89k is a high quality piece and an excellent value.

I forgot to mention if you are looking to pick one up you can get one through or black market, links below. Remember there is a little bit of a wait time to fill the order as these are pretty much built to order.

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Re: Bellator Arms BA89k review

Post by bigtimspawn » Sun Mar 11, 2012 8:45 pm

thanks for the love...
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