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Posted: Sat Oct 06, 2018 10:45 pm
by Arkhangel5
This vid is from 2-3yrs ago, of me shooting my 300wm in slow motion. ... VKNWozRk5R

I was testing heavy bullets and looking for speed. Got the speed I wanted and more from Retumbo.

A few guys commented at the time about the recoil, a few suggested a muzzle brake.

Fast forward a few yrs, I finally am getting around to installing a brake on this rifle. I will be installing the brake tomorrow when I get my rifle back from local shop.(Anyone interested in having their rifle muzzles threaded and are in C. Fl area, send me an PM and I will give #).

I am having the muzzle done with 5/8-24 threads. Brake will be a Surefire Pro Comp.

This is to make it easier to keep on target when shooting long distance. I intend to try this rifle at 1 mile(1760yds) on a steel target.

Will try to get a vid showing difference in recoil with same load.


Re: 300WinMag

Posted: Mon Oct 22, 2018 11:07 pm
by Arkhangel5
Here is promised vid of rifle with muzzle brake installed.

Another slow motion vid. This was shot from bench, so the apparent recoil is more pronounced, but in actuality, I could probably shoot this all day long.

Vid also shows the disturbance around the shooter caused by a muzzle brake, pay attn to the paper and bottle of Off on bench top.

I took this shot kinda unprepared because the other shooters on range wanted to go cold, but I wanted to get the shot done, so was kind of rushed.

215grain bullet going 2940fps. I would say the brake reduced the recoil pulse by maybe 50%. ... sp=sharing

Btw, rifle did not like this bullet at all, shoots the 208 grainers much better.